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3rd ebook on kindle now - Auras

Our third ebook on kindle and 

This book by Earth Spirit Soul is about working with and seeing Auras.
Chapter 1 - Auras
What Does An Aura Look Like?
The Seven Auric Levels
Chapter 2 – Seeing Auras
Quick Way to See an Aura
Interpreting Aura Colors
Chapter 3 – Working With Auras
Shielding with the Aura
Gathering Information
Using Your Aura for Remote Viewing
Hiding Yourself Using Your Aura
Auric flare for defense

Auras book now available on Amazon Kindle

Sol Ess and Rayven Michaels' book "Auras" is now available on Amazon in Kindle format:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Free Reiki Attunement on 22nd September

Free Reiki Attunement on 22nd September, if you want to be part of this please see the blog for details Free Attunement.


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