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Welcome to Earth Spirit Soul - FREE Reiki Attunements -- Become a Reiki Master

Earth Spirit Soul is now doing FREE Attunements in Usui Reiki Ryoho.  Distance Attunements are given for all Four Degrees of Usui Reiki Ryoho and are done on the third Sunday of each month. Your certificate will be emailed to you shortly after attunement along with links to download the Reiki training manuals.

Please use the form on the right to request your FREE Usui Reiki Ryoho Attunements.  In the Subject line of the form please type Reiki Attunement Request. In the message body, please include the name you would like on your certificate, the city/town, state and country you are from. Also please indicate whether you would like to be included on our Reiki Master Directory

The Reiki Attunement time is always at the same time, 11:00am Central Time Zone U.S.A. Below is a table showing a few listing of attunement times in different countries.

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Usui Reiki Ryoho
You will receive Attunements in the Four Degrees of Usui Reiki Ryoho listed below.
o       Shoden- (Reiki I) (1st Degree Reiki Practitioner)
o       Okuden- (Reiki II) (2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner)
o       Shinpiden-(Reiki III) (3rd Degree Reiki Master/Practitioner)
o       Shihan- (Reiki IV) (4th Degree- Master/Teacher)

What is an Attunement?
To use Reiki you need to be attuned.  An attunement is a traditional spiritual ceremony that helps you to connect to the Reiki Energy Source. It’s a new rebirth. Many things may or may not happen during and after an attunement. An attunement is awareness of our self-empowerment. The attunement is all you need to use Reiki energy in your own life and for those around you. A Reiki Master Teacher does this attunement.

The Attunement Procedure
Your Reiki Teacher holds you in Her/His thoughts and prayers and An Attunement Link with Our One Creator is opened and established with you. Our One Creator attunes your whole being in the Love and Light of Reiki. Receive and Experience your Attunement with ease. Through The Attunement Link with Our One Creator, you receive your Attunement. Our One Creator opens and establishes a permanent conscious connection with you. Through the Attunement Link with Our One Creator, a permanent Attunement in Reiki is given to you. A permanent conscious connection with the Love and Light of Reiki and Our One Creator is opened within you.

What Will My Reiki Attunement Do To Me?
Your Chakras are opened and you are connected to the Reiki Source
You are able to channel Reiki through your hands to yourself or others by your link to the Reiki Source
You will become increasingly aware of what you need to do in regards to your healing
You may become more intuitive and psychic
Further changes will manifest in your life that are needed and are distinctive to you

Student Preparation for The Attunement
On the day of your attunement, begin your day with ease and continue in your easy, calm and peaceful way. Think about and be thankful for the precious gift of the Attunement you are receiving. You may choose to pray, meditate, and dedicate the receiving of your attunements to be in Love and service for your family, your friends, all humanity and yourself. Feel and perceive the energy coming to you in the here and now as you prepare for and receive your attunement. Now is a very personal time of preparation. Prepare The Way with Ease and Peace. At the appointed time of here and now, sit in a comfortable, quiet place and receive your attunement.

At the Time of the Attunement be calm and relaxed. Open your self to receive your attunements and quietly observe and experience the attunement.  We will hold you in our thoughts and prayers.  An Attunement Link with Our One Creator will be established with you.  Our One Creator will attune your whole being with Light, Love and Ascension Reiki.

Through The Attunement Link with Our One Creator, you receive your attunements.  Our One Creator opens a conscious connection with you.  Through the Attunement Link, an Attunement in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Ascension Reiki and Reiju Reiki is given to you.  A continous connection with Reiki Energy, The Path of Reiki and Our One Creator is opened within you.

The attunements take about an hour- an hour and a half. At the appointed time sit or lay down in a comfortable, quiet place and be open to receive the attunements.

Things To Do After the Reiki Attunement
Reiki attunements have different effects on different people and each person should follow their intuition as to what to do. It can prove beneficial to meditate daily for a short while on the Reiki energies for the three weeks following your Level 1 attunement, asking for help in understanding and requesting to gain insight into Reiki healing that will be useful. Some may feel the need do nothing, while others choose to pray, asking for blessings from the Reiki Masters, Teachers and Guides is something that I would recommend.
You are encouraged to do a self-healing on yourself daily. Although it may feel awkward or difficult at first, and some will feel the energies flowing more than others, this is the best way to improve the power of your healing and to heal yourself. Persevere with giving yourself a daily Reiki treatment, even if it is not a full treatment, since this will initiate and sustain change and healing at all levels of your being.

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