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Yesterways WiseCraft Wicca: Moving to Google+ - Come Join Me!

Yesterways WiseCraft Wicca: Moving to Google+ - Come Join Me!: Hey, I'm moving to Google+ -- come join me! I won't be on Facebook much at all, so if you want to stay in contact with me, below is ...

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Yesterways WiseCraft Wicca: Could your psychic attacker be....YOU?

Yesterways WiseCraft Wicca: Could your psychic attacker be....YOU?: Bet that thought never even crossed your mind did it? That your psychic attacker might actually be YOU? Instead you've been racking your...

How to Ward against Negative Entities

There are many ways to do the same thing but here is one way that I use to cleanse a space and ward off an attached entity:

Take water and bless it with the God/dess or other dieties of choice
Add salt to the water

You now have a mixture of blessed salt water

Dip your fingers into the water and begin to sprinkle it on your head and all over your body, dipping fingers again and again as necessary. You could also use a spray bottle if you had one.

Once you have finished cleansing yourself with the blessed water, now sprinkle or spray the water in a spiral motion around spinning it out and out and out until you reach the edges of the room -- this pushes the entity back and back and back until it is forced from the room that are protecting. You will then seal all windows and doorways with the blessed water by sprinkling/spraying the water at the top of the door/doorway and at the threshold. Also do this to any windows in the room. For good measure sprinkle/spray the blessed water around the entire perimeter of the room. You can also bless the ceilings and walls in the same manner.

Once the room is completely blessed, it makes the room permanently sealed from the entity. You can refresh the seal with the blessing water as often as you desire.

I personally like to sprinkle salt around the baseboards and in the corners. It doesn't have to be super thick or noticeable. It can be light scatters and still be effective.

You can also spray the blessing water on your person when you are going outside of the sealed room so that the entity can't bother you while you are out.

You can do an entire house sealing one room at a time until the whole house is sealed.

To reinforce your work, I like to push sticks in the ground at every corner of the house, under every window, and by every doorway. I used Pecan twigs because they were readily available on my property but any wood with protection properties would be suitable. Also you can draw a banishing sigil in the air. This can be a banishing pentagram or runes of protection. I don't use salt outdoors because it damages the soil and makes it where nothing could grow.

Bright Blessings,
Rayven Michaels

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