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Bristow Spirits on Route 66 on kindle

From our Rayven Michaels comes Bristow Spirits on Route 66 on kindle and

Every town has its share of ghost stories. This book is a collection of the author's favorite eye witness accounts and personally related tales of spirits on Route 66 in and around Bristow, Oklahoma.Story topics include:- A lone cowboy walking eternity away at the stockyards- Spirit guardian at the Frisco Depot- Haunted help at a gift shop- Ghost with a penchant for cleanliness- Vaporous attendant at gas station ruins- Sorrowful siren- Woman astral projects to give comfort- In time of need, one woman's voicespeaks through another- A match made in heaven

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions via Email Request

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions via Email Request see our services Click Here

Kindle Psychic Development and Kindle Connecting With Spirit Guides

Kindle Psychic Development buy it at and
Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center shares tips on developing psychic development using meditation, sensing energies, and mediumship

Kindle Connecting With Spirit Guides Click here for and Click here for
This book answers common Spirit Guide questions and provides easy methods to contact your Spirit Guides.

Limited Time Offer -- Lifetime Membership for $99 - access all classes

Psychic Development course covering: Meditation Basics, Grounding & Protection, Psychic Awareness, Communicating with Spirit (mediumship), Spirit Guide Communication, Seeing Energies, Seeing Auras, Chakra Basics, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, 
Usui Reiki Ryoho course - Level 1 to Master/Teacher 

Face Book Page come say hi and like

Come on down to our face book page and say hi and click please Earth Spirit Soul and we also have a face book group you can join to chat in private We welcome anyone that wishes to join. This is a free thinking group to talk about Energy healing / psychic / spiritual / Wicca / Reiki topics and much more. To talk freely without judgement. This is a place to learn from each other and share what we know, to help each other Click here and also a group for Free Medium, Oracle, Tarot, Psychic, Past Life Readings Click here 

Something a bit different Sew'd-up


We want to pretty your life up or quirk it up, shopping bags, handbags, quirky fabrics & styles,

Handmade, Homemade, Lovingly Made, with a touch of fun.
I like things a bit different, I love finding unusual fabrics & trying to make things off the cuff, not many patterns used on any of these items! I am influenced by my music & dress style, Rockabilly & will try to make 95% of stuff once! If it works Ill make again, but I try to make them all slightly different, can do 1 off of styles of bags...See more
Handmade, Homemade, Lovingly Made, ask don't be shy, if I can make it I will if I cant Ill see if I know someone who can :) Do you have your own fabric or outfit you want made into a bag to keep? I'll work with you to use it to your choice :)
SewdUp Face book page

2nd Ebook on Amazon Kindle Psychic Develoment

Our 2nd Ebook on Amazon Kindle Psychic Development buy it at and
Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center shares tips on developing psychic development using meditation, sensing energies, and mediumship

On Amazon Kindle Edition Connecting With Spirit Guides

Very happy to say our ebook is now in Amazon Kindle Edition Connecting With Spirit Guides Click here for and Click here for

This book answers common Spirit Guide questions and provides easy methods to contact your Spirit Guides.

New Ebook by Earth Spirit Soul

Connecting with spirit guides by Earth Spirit Soul Ebook is now available for a number of formats from for $2.99

Free Medium, Oracle, Tarot, Psychic Readings

Free Medium, Oracle, Tarot, Psychic Readings facebook group, a new group started to offer this for people wanting a reading, people wanting to give readings, for both that have done it for years and for others just starting out and would like to practice Click Here 

Energy Healing vs. Reiki

People often say they have been doing energy healing for years before they ever heard of Reiki. I have no doubt this is true. I myself did the same. And it was exactly as stated, "energy healing" not Reiki. Energy healing comes in many many forms. Reiki is a style of energy healing but not all energy healing is Reiki.

It is my belief that no style of energy healing, whether Reiki or otherwise, is necessarily "better" than another. However, individuals may be drawn more to a particular style of energy healing and find they are better at one style than another. Therefore, it is up to each individual to find the style of energy healing that fits them.

The practice of Reiki is a "choice," not a necessity. Those who do choose the path of Reiki find it very rewarding. For many it is a spiritual path as well as a healing system.

Bright Blessings


For more our our Reiki course, visit Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center

Why are Reiki Attunements necessary?

It is quite common to be asked "why are Reiki Attunements necessary". Here is my attempt to answer that question.

Initially, one was "initiated" into Reiki, not "attuned."  This initiation was called "reiju" in Japanese. Such initiations were in keeping with Asian spiritual practices which are steeped in traditions. In fact, Usui offered reiju each time his students gathered to practice.  "Initiation" means -- a beginning.  In the instance of Reiki, it was the beginning of practicing Reiki at a particular level or a particular session. So basically you were initiated into practice -- not the energy.

However, the word "attunement" was put into use sometime after the death of Hawayo Takata in 1980. It was felt that "initiation" into practice was too ambiguous.  Practitioners were encouraged to think of Reiki as a particular "vibration" of energy to which the students were being attuned.  Attunements became the norm throughout the Reiki community. The attunment process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.

Once new practitioners of Reiki are attuned, the responsibility of a Reiki Master is to teach students "how" to practice Reiki, to inspire them to practice daily self-treatment, and to give them the confidence that they actually can practice successfully. It is through the actual "doing" that students develop the ability to practice Reki and gain confidence in their ability to do so. Nothing any Reiki Master can say or do will develop the ability for others to practice Reiki the way actual practice does. An attunement, workshop or reading materials has little value if the student doesn't actually utilize the Reiki energy.

Aromatherapy on the go....

I have seen these wonderful little metal pill canisters at the drug stores and I have happened on an excellent use for them. I use them to carry cotton balls with a dab of essential oil on them. When I need a quick aromatherapy fix, I open the little container and take a nice deep whiff. Here are a few of my favorite aromatherapy swabs on the go:

Peppermint - boost mood, reduce fatigue, opens sinuses, helps with cold congestion

Tangerine - calming, reduces stress and anxiety

Grapefruit - fights depression and elevates mood

Lavender - relieves stress, reduces anxiety and lifts depression

Patchouli - invigorating, clears the mind, improves mental alertness, combats depression and anxiety and increases energy

I often times mix Patchouli with Grapefruit and wear it as a scent dabbed at my pulse points behind ears and on wrists. And I'm sure you noticed that most of these deal with calming, de-stressing and elevating mood. That's because I work in a fast paced, high stress, legal environment so these mini pick me ups are blessings on a regular basis.

As with all things, be sure to research these yourself and become well versed in warnings and interactions with illnesses and/or medications.

Bright Blessings,

Past Life Reading

Myself and Rayven today jumped on Skype posted in the Earth Spirit Soul FaceBook group our Id for those that didn't already have it and invited them on to chat with us. Have to say it was a great fun talking and ended up with everyone getting a past life reading which we all enjoyed, looking forward to the next session and see what we do next time.

So keep an eye out for our next Skype session as we can have up to 24 on Skype.

Sol and Rayven 

Sensing your Spirit Guide (video)

Here is a short video on how to sense your Spirit Guide. Enjoy!

Namaste and Bright Blessings!
Sol and Rayven

Become a Reiki Master/Teacher - No Large Fees

New Samples of Oracle Deck by Rayven Michaels

Here is an update on the oracle deck I am creating. These are still roughs and need some tweaking but its getting closer. Next on the list is to come up with a name for the deck....

Bright Blessings,


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