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Sifting through old baggage

Sometimes in the heat of the moment things get pretty intense. Earlier in the year I had a very awkward and painful separation from a friend. At the time it was quite an unexpected gut punch. It's weird but there is a grieving process after things like that much the same as with a death or divorce. So, it has taken me a bit of time to sort through the old baggage and be at peace with it all. The turn out is what it is, there is no changing that. But I can now review it, think on it and let it go. It is no longer emotionally charged and painful for me. It is like blowing away mental cobwebs and having clear sight again. I wish all of you that same peace and clarity with whatever you may be grappling with in your lives.

Bright Blessings,

Another new Oracle Card - Dreams

I really enjoyed making this card. As you noticed I have gone with sort of a psychedelic feel for the background. The dandelions were a little tough to put on because their little white tufts got lost in the mix so I had to enhance them a bit with shadow so that the white stood out. Somehow the symbolism of blowing the seeds of a dandelion on the wind and make a wish just seemed the perfect representation for this Dream card. I did get a critique though saying that the backgrounds were too similar and that each card needed a bit more individualized. So, I tried changing the tone on this one a bit.  The first card has yellow as a base. The second card has the same pink base as all the previous cards. Hmmmm. I do sort of like the yellow on this one.  However, I am thinking the critique meant a lot more change than just a base color. Looks like I have some more playing to do.

Bright Blessings

What is the best religion?

Wow, that is such a loaded question wouldn't you agree? Every person that reads that question will answer differently based on their personal path. I am Wiccan following a path I have named WiseCraft. Would I be so pretentious and arrogant to declare that my path was THE one. Absolutely no. But I will say there is only one true path. Sounds contradictory to what I just said doesn't it? But it truly isn't when you look at it like the Dali Lama does. Here is a quote attributed to him:

"What's the best religion?  Whatever makes you: 
     more compassionate,
     more sensible, 
     more detached, 
     more loving, 
     more humanitarian,
     more responsible,
     more ethical.

The religion that will do that for you is the best religion”

And I have to agree with him.  Everyone finds their own way to the best religion based on what makes them the best person. And under the framing of the Dala Lama's quote above, all paths lead to the same goal. I tip my hat to all those who seek in earnest. The world will truly be a better place when all people seek to be and become the best people they can be.

Oracle Card deck underway

I'm working on an oracle card deck -- something I have wanted to do for a good long time. There's no time like the present right? Here is a peek at a few of the cards.

Bright Blessings,

Lovely blooms in the back yard

Even when you live in the city, you can connect with nature. As I stepped out my back door today, the back yard was dotted with surprise lilies. I do love these so very much. At a time of year when everything else is dieing from the sweltering heat, these beauties pop up looking so fresh and full of life. Other pleasantries on my backyard walk about included some odd giant ball on a six foot stalk and a fallen branch that looked like antlers that I stuck in my fence as a tribute to the God of Nature. Also, one of the suprise lilies had fallen over from the wind and I noticed Mother Pecan Tree had tossed one of her branches nearby. With a quick adjustment, her branch provided the support that Suprise Lily needed to hold her head up high. Very sweet. Enjoy my pics.

Bright Blessings,

My Book "Bristow Spirits on Route 66" is now available in Amazon Kindle format!

My book Bristow Spirits on Route 66 is now available in Amazon Kindle format!

In 2009 I sat down and decided to type up all my ghost experiences and compiled them into a book.
Here is the blurb describing the book:

Every town has its share of ghost stories. This book is a collection of the author's favorite eye witness accounts and personally related tales of spirits on Route 66 in and around Bristow, Oklahoma.
Story topics include:
  • A lone cowboy walking eternity away at the stockyards
  • Spirit guardian at the Frisco Depot 
  • Haunted help at a gift shop
  • Ghost with a penchant for cleanliness
  • Vaporous attendant at gas station ruins
  • Sorrowful siren
  • Woman astral projects to give comfort
  • In time of need, one woman's voice speaks through another
  • A match made in heaven - my personal story in the Forward about the Angel that helped me meet my husband
Bright Blessings
~Rayven Michaels~

Take control of your life and LIVE it #earthspiritsoul

Realize it is YOUR life. Live how YOU want to. Let no one bring you down. Don't give people or things the power to affect you negatively. Find light in all things dark. Be happy no matter what!!

Bright Blessings,

Look Within

Buddha wasn't a Buddhist, Jesus wasn't a Christian. The great ones didn't create a religion, they just said to LOOK WITHIN. They recognized the truth that is always here, always present, but so easily forgotten. We are not able to see this because of a mind that is veiled by ignorance, hatred and greed. They also never called themselves great ones, that is what others have done. Look within.

Say what you want -- not what you don't want

It's all about attitude. Where attention goes, energy flows, so say what you "want" and not what you "don't" want.

Bright Blessings

Lammas Ritual and the Chirping Gerbil

Celebrated Lammas Ritual today. I know it was a bit early but I have a new granddaughter coming soon and daughter has stuff going on next weekend related to her coming so, to balance both events, Lammas celebration was held today.  The actual ritual was simple, and we had bread from the bakery and I had my tiny green shot cups for ale. My "ale" was supposed to be a choice of pure water or herbal tea. Well, if I'd read the labels carefully I would have realized that "sparkling" water meant it was carbonated. Think alkaselzer (plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is -- remember that commercial? is my age showing here?)  if you ever had one, and if you haven't, just think "nasty tasting".  So, lesson learned there. Also, I have a weirdness about drinking from a common cup so I came prepared in case others didn't have a personal cup. All went well and we had the most amazing drum circle afterwards. We were really blessed that the "music lady" showed up with instruments, songs and talent! It was so fun.  I did my best to sing when I knew the words and I couldn't help but laugh when the memory struck me that an old friend had chastised us once a few years ago for singing "so low" -- so low she couldn't hear us.  She said in our efforts to avoid sounding silly, we were sounding like a bunch of chirping gerbils. LOL  She told us to sing loud and proud, the Goddess don't care -- just be joyful!  So, I truly tried to apply myself today.  The results... I sounded like a LOUD and PROUD chirping gerbil. hahaha

Relax and enjoy the moment.

I am having a nice relaxing morning. Had a nice breakfast of French toast with hubby. Now I am sitting petting my dog.  I think a little incense and meditation would be perfect.

Always remember to relax and enjoy the moment.

Bright blessings,

If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be #ridworldofonething

This picture popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook and I was like wow! What one thing would I choose?... At the time I jokingly posted FLEAS because they are especially bad this year and have given my dog fits not to mention we have had to fight them inside and out.  I'm thinking "hate" would be a good thing to rid the world of.  What do you think? What would you choose and why?

Bright Blessings

Feel Emotions - They Are Natural

I have been watching a series on Netflix that has had me on an emotional roller coaster. I guess you could say that it is sappy to be caught up in a tear jerker. However, emotions are very natural and to deny them creates energy blockages. Sadly, it is easy to be "tough" and "suck it up" and "be strong" and all those catch phrases but the truth is, if we are sad and need to cry, or we are angry and need to yell, then we should do so. I'm not saying grovel and get locked into feeling sorry for yourself or go into a full out rage and smash things or be cruel to people with your anger, but do allow yourself to experience the emotion you are feeling even if you have to find a place alone to do so.  Emotions are types of energy and they need released. If we deny our emotions, we create energy blockages which in turn manifest into physical ailments over time. So, allow yourself to feel ALL emotions, not just joy and happiness, embrace sadness and anger also.

Stay energetically healthy - cry when you need to, laugh, yell, scream, be angry, be happy, recognize worries, examine them, rationalize them and then set them free. Experience your emotions but don't stay emotional.

Shedding a tear and moving on, after all it is just a movie, but it moved me to tears, so I cried and I am not ashamed. And I feel better now. I am human and that is good.

Bright Blessings,

Some Thoughts

Lots of people seeking knowledge, the thing is they don't know/understand what it is they are looking for. If they find it they sometimes don't even know they have.  Always seeking but never looking within and finding the answers that lie there. We want to know more, but do we even truly know why we want to know more?

Until we understand and accept what we have and what is within, how can we fully understand more. We seek outside for more knowledge, for more understanding and leave looking inside at ourselves.  We seek happiness yet we do not allow ourselves happiness, we think by buying things this makes us happy.  In the short term it might give you a little fix yes, but in the long term you will need to get that fix again. 

Inside of you is the control to you make your life how you want it, if you allow yourself to be happy you will, it is really that simple.  Some say but that isn't easy to do, i have all these things going on, stress and worries, yes everyone has nowadays, but it is also you that allow yourself to feel stress and worry. No one else made you feel stress, you allowed yourself to feel it.  Accept and allow yourself to be the way you want to be.



Facebook Group

Just a quick post to say we have now made a facebook group to go along with what we are doing, this group is closed so it will remain private for people to talk freely and say what they wish without judgement. Anyone is welcome to join, Click Here

Past / Present / Future

I've done a lot of road tripping the past week going to doctor appointments with my infant grandson and then bringing him to stay with me a couple of days. Driving always gives me time to get into my head and sort things through -- the active thought meditation I described in an earlier post. This time around I got to thinking about my life habits and my weaknesses.  I realized that my biggest struggle through the entire arc of my life (which spans over half a century - WOW!) is one of "security". And what that all boils down to is money issues and relationship issues. This realization put me on course to poke around in some scary corners of my mind where I had sent things to live that I didn't ever want to revisit. But guess what came out to play? Yep. It was like opening Fred Flintstone's closet and everything came tumbling out.  It was quite an emotional roller coaster as I sifted through old issues that I had poked away rather than face. I realized I had a lot of repressed guilt and shame. As with a lot of people, there are things from my past that are incongruous with my present and made me feel hypocritical in some ways. Needless to say, it left me feeling a bit emotionally raw.

Today I had a good long chat with a friend and he pointed out some really great things. Not all things from the past have to be told, the past is fixed and cannot be changed, and the past is what has shaped us to be the people we are today. So, rather than suppress the past, examine it for what it is and embrace it -- use it for the purpose that it is meant to serve -- recognize that the past has shaped the person that you are today, right now in this moment.  Everything behind you got you where you are now.  From here, you can review the past, assess it, and then take that information to make decisions now and going forward.

So the bottom line is, the past shapes the now and the now will shape your future. Learn from where you have been and use it to charter where you are going.

And one more thing that I learned: you should be as kind and loving and forgiving to yourself as you would be to anyone else in your life. You deserve it.

Bright Blessings,

Energy Healing

I healed in the spiritualist church for along time and  i found out it was the same healing as reiki, but the difference being, we didn't use symbols and didn't need any attunements to become a master as that is just a title, do we really need titles to validate ourselves.

I enjoyed my time at the church but it wasn't for me, so i left and went my own way. So i decided to learn Reiki myself and become a reiki master/teacher, still people hung up on titles, not sure why titles seem so important to people, as said above the only real difference is the use of symbols, these symbols are nothing more than a way to give you focus, they hold no power themselves unless you believe them to have power, so it is not necessary to use them in order to heal someone.  You will find the healing will be done without them.

We would take a few moments to ourselves, around 5-10 minutes to sit quiet and calm our minds and ask for the healing energy to be allowed to come through us and to heal those that wanted to accept it, if you wanted we would ask our guides to help us with the flow of energy, say a prayer as you heal to help you focus the energy, it is for all religions and anyone to use and to adapt.  For some visualizing the energy coming from their body and down out their hands also helps, there is no right are wrong way to do this, the energy will find its way, it is what feels right for you
When healing i did not think about it, i would feel it and let it come naturally from me to the person receiving the healing, the energy will flow itself you do not need to think and try to push it onto any given spot.  Just calm your mind and give with love, compassion and feeling.

In this you are calling upon the energy what is within, around and in the universe to assist you. It is about caring, compassion, love and feeling, healing from your heart and meaning it. Passing on the energy to others to help relax and heal them.

Reiki isn't better than other healing styles, they are all the same really, some might disagree but if you think about it, they all use energy to heal (same energy as well), so they are all the same, just done in a different way, so what is the right/best way to do energy healing, the best way is what feels right to you.

The intent to heal.



New Instant Chat Room on Forum

We are happy to tell everyone that a new instant chat room has been added to the forums, it has a lot of options, talk on topics/just chat make rooms for private readings/healing and so on.

Problems, worry?

It is good to listen to friends when they have problems, but sometimes it can drain you.  Also when you tell them something they just refuse to hear the truth and keep doing the same old thing and falling into the same trap.  So what should you do, nothing is the answer, they need to learn for themselves.  You can be there to hold someones hand all the way as they can not learn from that, advise is good but sometimes they just don't want to hear/see it.

Sometimes you just have to say, ok enough, not talking about this anymore. Walk away its not a bad thing to do, you also have to look after yourself, you can't allow someone to drag you down and the only way someone can, is if you allow them to. Like stress, the only way you will feel stress is if you allow yourself to feel stress, it is that simple, you have the control over yourself, no one else does, the situation doesn't affect you, you affect yourself.

It can take a bit of time to realize this, you control yourself and what you allow yourself to feel you will feel.  Sometimes its not so easy i admit, if my son/daughter hurts themselves i worry,  who wouldn't.  That is not the type of worry i am talking about.

I would like to say more on this and i will another time, but for now have a great day all.

You are in control of yourself.



How do you cleanse yourself of negative energy?

As with a lot of things, there are many ways to do the same things. How I cleanse negative energy depends on the circumstances. For many years, when I found myself in extremely stressful and upsetting circumstances at work, I would excuse myself and go the to restroom. Once there, I would physically wash my hands under cold water and visualize all the terrible yucky stuff going down the drain. Then I would dry my hands and sometimes blot my face with the damp hand towels. It was always an amazing refreshing technique that helped me push through the rest of the day.

I also love to do the shower cleansing where while literally in the shower, I visualize the water rinsing every bit of negative icky uggy yucky energy clinging to be being sprayed off and washed down the drain. And

Time to Myself

I was asked what is something i really enjoy spending my time doing, but not to include my children, something i do.  I thought about it, not much haha, i really enjoy meditating.  Meditation is something you can do anytime, anyplace, anywhere, you don't have to be in some strange position.  You could be at work, sorting a math equation out and still meditate.

Some people think you can only meditate if you are in a deep breathing, sitting position, not true at all. Anyone can mediate at any time they wish and if you are new to meditating this is a good thing, for someone new to jump into an hour of sitting and trying to let your mind go isn't really the best thing to do.  Just start small and build up, your not going to be a Zen Master over night :)



Fresh Smell of Laundry on the Line

In between working on adding new things to the forum and working on new classes, I did some laundry today. As weird as it sounds, doing laundry is very relaxing to me.  Since I moved into my house a year ago, I haven't sprung for wiring to hook up the dryer. It was summer time then and hotter than hot so I just strung up a rope clothes line and hung things out to dry. I LOVED it! There is something about gathering up a basket of wet clothes and heading out the back door to hang them on the line. Call me weird but I love that fresh wet smell. And then taking it all down after it dries is great too.  I like that stiff feel. You would think I would consider them too stiff and scratchy but they really aren't.

So, I have had a wonderful day bouncing back and forth between working on the computer, watching chic flicks on Netflix and doing laundry. Life is good.

Bright Blessings,

Morning out

Sitting in a room this morning with five other people filling out paper work before doing a small literacy test and the amount of paper work involved was silly to say the least, having to repeat what you said in each one and sign this and that over and over, couldn't help thinking this is a pure waste of paper and to top it all off, once you are done you sign for them to destroy what you have just spent a few hours filling out. I asked them, surly there must be another way to do this, all I got back was don’t shoot the messenger we do it cause we have to, so you do as well.
What a waste of time, energy and paper work,  still don’t understand why you need to fill it all out if its getting destroyed once its over, just doesn't make sense to me.  Maybe I am wrong.

While sitting I was able to just let my mind wonder and relax.  Calmed my mind and had a good day. Doesn't matter what you do, you can always relax and calm yourself, you are in control of yourself. I am happy that i'm the type of person that doesn't let very much bother them, after all life is short, so why worry about something.



Active Thought Meditation #earthspiritsoul

So often the purpose of meditation is to still the mind, to let go of all thoughts. To let any thoughts that occur drift away without giving them attention.  There are very good reasons for that type of meditation. It trains the mind so that we become aware of the creation of thoughts.

However, in this meditation I do the total opposite. I actually focus on my thoughts. As one appears, I pull it to me, examine it, explore it. I begin dialogue with myself and ask myself about the thought. Why do I think it? Then I explore the thought from all possible angles.  Is it something that needs a solution? Or is it just a

Ghost, Gust or Goof? What do you see in these photos?

There was a time when I worked as a Chamber Director for a small rural town in Oklahoma.  During that time, I sought to increase tourism opportunities for the town.  Since the town was along the famous Route 66, it occurred to me that the ruins of an old gas station could be converted into an outdoor museum type stop and have some nice billboards put up that you stick your head through and take a photo.  With my brain whirling with possibilities, I went to the site to take photos for a presentation in hopes of getting the site donated for the purpose and to obtain funding. With camera in hand, I embarked on a quick photo spree on my way to work.  It was two days later before I uploaded and reviewed the photos. And what I surprise I got!!!

A curious mist appeared in several shots. Was it a gust of my frosty breath on a cold morning captured by

Question Everything

If someone says they know everything, will you just take what they say as truth? Why should you, the best approach is to question everything, why just believe something/someone.  A good teacher/mentor will be more than happy for you to question what is said and will want you to think for yourself, they wont want you to think the way they do.
They will want you to be better than them, do not follow blindly.
Don't listen to me, don't listen to others, first listen to yourself, you will know what is true.
Open your eyes and think/feel for yourself.



Energy Healing

I have done energy healing now for many years now, i find it relaxing, calming for both myself and the person receiving it.  Some come to rid stress and worries, others just to relax and have that me time to switch off for a little while.  It is a good thing to have a little me time, everyone should try and do that if they can.  I know people have very busy lives, but its only busy if you allow it to be, you control what happens so you can give yourself time if you want.

When doing the energy healing it is only right to ask the person if they are comfortable with you placing your hands on them, as you don't need to so its good to tell them about what is going on and what options you have available. Some don't like the relaxing music, that is one thing i have been asked about, when meditating do you have to listen to meditation music?  no you don't, you don't have to listen to anything, infact you can meditate to anything you want and at anytime.  Its about what is right for you.

Who is Rayven Michaels?

This question gets asked a lot -- who exactly is Rayven Michaels. The question for me then, is how much to tell? What is relevant to the asker? Well, since this is a blog with diverse readers, there is no simple answer to that. So, here is the full answer, hopefully it will provide answers to all. Do please know that I am not big on name dropping so even though you will see some big names in some of my "lineage" please do not let it color your views of me.  I am still simply me. ;0)

About Rayven Michaels:

The short version: Rayven Michaels is co-owner of Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center with Sol of the U.K. She is a Psychic, Intuitive Advisor, Energy Healer, Dream Interpreter, Oracle Card Reader, Akashic Records Consultant, Clergy, WiseCraft Wicca Teacher and Jewelry Artisan.  For a time she worked as an advisor for a psychic network and currently does private psychic readings.

Now for the longer version and I do sincerely hope this isn't deemed as "puffing myself up." It is just my attempt to sincerely answer the question that has been asked. So, here it goes....

The Path of a Seeker of Knowledge

The Path of a Seeker of Knowledge

By Odin Nightowl

Everyone has a path in life even if they don’t know they do. Some of us strive to be stronger, some smarter, and some simply a better understanding of the world around us. A seeker of knowledge is the path I walk. A seeker of knowledge is simply someone who wants to know the Who, Where, What, When, Why, and How of everything. Gathering knowledge leads to a better understanding of the world. There is no end to learning. Once the seeker has gained sufficient knowledge, they will make wondrous teachers. “The passing of knowledge has been a tradition and natural instinct since the beginning of time. From simple acts of a mother animal teaching her young to survive in the wild to a professor, mentor, or shaman passing their knowledge, wisdom, and abilities onto a younger generation of individuals.” These things include secrets of the universe, the great arts, mathematics, etc. All the way down to simple information about herbs and basic healing.

Wall Paper for all

Another nice wall paper for anyone who would like to use it :)


Energy Healing Vigil to Help a Tree

Greetings All!

I have a beautiful Pecan tree in my yard that is estimated to be about 150+ years old.  It was one of the attractions of buying my house a year ago.  We saw at the time of purchase that she had some damage to her trunk but we had no idea the extent of her pain and illness.  Not long after we bought the house, high winds came and a HUGE branch dropped off the tree and landed partially on the roof.  I'm happy to say that the damage was minimal to the roof. However, this lead to the discovery of the extent of the injury our beloved tree is suffering from.  She has bark separation which we now know means that it diminishes her abilities to sustain herself since it is through the membranes under the bark that carry nutrients to the upper portion of the tree.  Long story short, our beloved mighty Pecan tree has been diagnosed as dying and dangerous and has been recommended to be cut down.  This has caused me tremendous grief and I have cried and cried for this tree. So, now I put out a plea to all the healers, please help by sending loving energy to this tree either so that it may be healed and manage to sustain itself or so that it's spirit can release and know that it was loved and cared for and that its passing was noticed.

Bright Blessings
~Rayven Michaels~

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What is Wicca

What is Wicca

Wicca (English pronunciation: /ˈwɪkə/) is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion. It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and it was introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. It draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practice.
Wicca is a diverse religion with no central authority or figure defining it. It is divided into various lineages and denominations, referred to as "traditions", each with its own organisational structure and level of centralisation. Due to its decentralized nature, there is some disagreement over what actually constitutes Wicca. Some traditions, collectively referred to as British Traditional Wicca, strictly follow the initiatory lineage of Gardner and consider the term "Wicca" to apply only to such lineaged traditions, while other eclectic traditions do not.
Wicca is typically duotheistic, worshipping a god and goddess traditionally viewed as a mother goddess and horned god. These two deities are often viewed as facets of a greater pantheistic godhead. However, beliefs range from "hard" polytheism to even monotheism. Wiccan celebration follows approximately eight seasonally based festivals known as Sabbats. An unattributed statement known as the Wiccan Rede is the traditional basis of Wiccan morality. Wicca involves the ritual practice of magic.

The term "Wicca" first achieved widespread acceptance when referring to the religion in the 1960s and 70s. Prior to that, the term "Witchcraft" had been more widely used. Whilst being based upon the Old English word wicca, a masculine term for sorcerers, the actual individual who coined the capitalised term "Wicca" is unknown, though it has been speculated that it was Charles Cardell, who certainly used the term "Wiccen" during the 1950s.

Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of complementary or alternative medicine developed (or rediscovered) during the latter half of the 19th century.

Reiki (霊気/ˈreɪkiː/) is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, which has since been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies. 

Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms, which they believe allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

3 New wall papers

3 new wall papers for anyone to use if they like them, enjoy.


Forum all welcome

Earth Spirit Soul Forum all welcome to join :)

What i do in my chill out time

Didn't have a lot of time this morning so made a quick very easy text effect, i know nothing great just something to pass a bit of time :)
Also nice to have some downtime and just chill.
I enjoy messing around with Photoshop and Illustrator in my chill out time.


Communicating Beyond Yes/No Answers

Stepping on from First Communication

Eventually, okay, probably right away if your are anxious and we usually are!, you will want to communicate with your Guide and get answers beyond yes/no questions. How do we do this? It is a fascinating process and is different for every person. When asking your Guide a complex question that needs more than a "yes/no" answer, be prepared to be alert for any type of response -- release your expectations and open yourself to possibilities. Did you hear a sound in your real world that grabbed your attention? Was it a bird? What type of bird? Was it an insect? What type insect? Or other creature? Did lyrics of a song suddenly pop into your head? Did you think of someone? What does that person mean to you? Did you have a flash of a vision? Did a word come into your mind? Any of these methods are possible and more. Your job is to be aware and receive and then to interpret what you get as it relates to your question. If you got an sound of an animal, or image or thought, research that particular being and see what it symbolizes. As you read the information pay attention to what resonates with you or "makes sense" to you.

First Communication

Stepping on from Sensing Your Spirit Guide

-- Yes/No Palm Exercise

Ok! So you sense your Spirit Guide now and you are ready to communicate! How do you do this? Here is a simple yes/no technique using your body. Although a pendulum could be used for this same purpose, I choose to use the palm exercise because it lets you interact more directly with your Guide and feel their energy.

Hold your hands in front of you palms up. Designate one hand as "yes" and the other as "no" -- doesn't matter which hand is which as long as you use the same designation each time. I personally designate my right hand

Sensing Your Spirit Guide

This exercise will enable you to sense the energy of your Spirit Guide. Seat yourself comfortably in a chair, bench or on your bed. Ask your Guide to come sit beside you. At this point you may or may not feel anything but do pay attention to whether you feel any change in sensation around you. Ask your Guide to move in really close to you so that you can sense them better. What do you notice? A tingle in your stomach? Does the hair on your head or body feel tingly. Your hands prickle? Do you feel vibration in your body? Or do you hear a buzzing in your ears? Or does sound suddenly cut off in one ear? To test this sensation, ask your Guide to move away. The sensation should lessen or stop. Now ask your Guide to move in close to you again and the sensations should return. There is no right or wrong way to sense your Guide, there is only YOUR way. One person may flush warm, another may shiver with a chill. Some get tingly fingers or hands, while for others it may be the feet or legs. Some get butterflies in their stomach. Others feel a waft of air on the back of their neck. The possibilities are endless. Your job is to determine what your *signal* is that your Guide is present. Repeat this exercise often so that you readily recognize your Guide's presence.

Seeing an Aura

Seeing an aura is really easy. The hard part is not looking directly at it. 
Take a white piece of paper and hover your hand just above it. 
Then look at your fingers for a few seconds, now look past your fingers at the paper. Relax your eyes. 

Slowly you might notice little black and white dots (sometimes you don’t see these). This is fine as it's now starting to appear. 
Keep looking but try not to blink or look right at it. It will slowly start to show and you will see a color appear. 

This is just a fast way to see your aura. Keep practicing this for a while then move on to a mirror and try to see the aura around you. 
Please don’t think you have failed if you see nothing the first few times. It can take time to get used to un-focusing your eyes.
Please be careful do not over do it, you could cause yourself eye strain.

Meditation Techniques

Guided meditation
With the help of a teacher or guide, or even a premade recording, take yourself on a journey through a place you find calming or relaxing. Visualize your surroundings, and try to incorporate as many senses as possible. Soak in the sounds, smells, and textures.

Mantra, or transcendental meditation
Choose a calming word or phrase. Repeat it over and over to yourself silently to prevent distracting thoughts from entering.

Mindful meditation
Take a break and make yourself acutely aware of your surroundings. Take deep breaths and feel your lungs swell. Allow yourself to think about your feelings, but do so without judgment.

Yoga or tai chi
Perform a slow series of varying postures while breathing deeply. As you balance and move, focus on the movements and not on the stress in your life. Attend a class to learn the basics, and then you can practice in your own home.

Pray using your own words, or read prayers written by others. Reflect on the meaning of the words or write in a journal.

Deep breathing
Take deep breaths from your diaphragm, rather than short, shallow breaths from your chest.
Continue until you feel calm.


Try going for a walk or run to clear your mind and reduce stress.

Family is everything -- always find time for loved ones...

Sol and I have been working hard on the Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center but I had a little down time for Grandson's first birthday party.  As his Gypsy GiGi, I dressed up in my most colorful garb for the occasion. We had a grand time and  was overjoyed that GiGi was the only one he shared his cake with. hehehe I'm special. LOL

Free courses coming soon

We are excited about the new free courses coming to our forums very soon, these will be written by our forum class writers and the first one which is under way is a Rune course (Eldar, futhark)
To join the forum Click Here


On my walk

Doing my weekly visit to my parents house as we all do :) i decide to take a couple of photos of the Angel of the North.  This statue is what i see in the morning when i get out of bed and look through my window, around 5-10 minutes walk away and i walk right past it as i go to see my parents, they live just along from it.
It gets a lot of tourists coming to see it, not 100% sure why myself its ok i guess but not something i would travel to see. The camera on my phone isn't best but does the job when you don't have anything else on you.


Indulging my Gypsy heritage and listening to beautiful gypsy music

Working on a few things for the Learning Center and indulging my Gypsy heritage by listening to gyspy music. Soul is singing!  Have a listen...

Bright Blessings

Tarot and Psychic Work

Although many Psychics often do use Tarot or Oracle cards in their work, not all do.  As with all things, this is the choice of each Psychic as to what tools they incorporate with their readings.  Some Psychics do purely Psychic readings, others may use pendulums, iChing, runes, or other divination systems other than cards.  For those who do use cards, the decks used by each Psychic may be different.  Additionally, a Psychic may also use different decks for different types of readings. 

What is the difference between a Tarot Deck and an Oracle Deck?

When buying a deck of cards for the first time, you may see Tarot cards and Oracle cards in the same area wonder what is the difference.  Well, Tarot is a structured system that comes in decks

If we believe it, we can achieve it...

Free meditation music

Check out these free meditation music downloads from Amazon Click Here

Life is getting better and better!

Sol and I have been pulling long hours and burning the midnight hour perfecting the school, streamlining our new forum and developing new course ideas. Oh and here is a little bit of news from this little birdie - Sol is designing an Oracle card deck. Can't wait to see what he is up to. Don't tell him I told you.


Free Pagan ebooks from Amazon...enjoy!

Here are links to a couple of free ebooks at Amazon -- both in the US and UK sites:

Psychic Development course is now available! #earthspiritsoul

Our Psychic Development course is now available! Check it out at Earth Spirit Soul Learning Center

Bright Blessings!

Almost Granny x2!

Well, I'm almost a granny times two! I am already grandmother to a beautiful little boy that will be celebrating his first birthday this Friday. Thirty days after that, he will become a big brother! Today his mother went for an ultrasound so they could finalize the date for her c-section so I got to see that precious little girl. And of course, me being her GiGi and all, of course I thought she was the most beautiful thing even with the clunky photos from the ultrasound.  I actually moved back to my home state to be close to daughter because grandson came to visit me before he was born and showed me himself and a sister and said, we are your grandchildren in five years. I was so excited as there had been no talk of daughter having children.  I told her all about the vision and grandson and granddaughter visiting me and she laughed. Well, I began preparation to return home because I knew that if my grandson was on his way I wanted to be here when he arrived. Good thing too, because as soon as I bought a house, daughter found out she was pregnant! And of course, it was grandson.  And now granddaughter! I am so blessed. Being psychic was definitely helpful in making preparations to live near my grandchildren.

Bright Blessings!

A very nice day

Well I have had very nice day today, spent time with my son and watched a not so good film with him which he feel asleep and left me to watch the rest of it alone. haha My daughter sneaked out of her room when she needed some food.

I also attuned someone in Usui Reiki which was a very nice experience as it always is, relaxing and well just all round good time.

Love and healing to all

#Quote: The only way out is through it

I happened across this quote today "the only way out is through it."  As soon as I read it, I knew my Spirit Guide was giving me a message about my current situation. It is really great to have connections in high places. ;0)

Bright Blessings,

Warm Day

Its is a very nice warm day in the north east of England, chilling out at this moment, i do have someone to attune later today in Usui Reiki, always look forward to that as its a nice calm and relaxing time.

Free book from Amazon on kindle Meditation for Beginners

A nice free book from Amazon on kindle Meditation for Beginners limited time 

Take a Peek at Our Psychic Development Course Outline #earthspiritsoul

 Greetings everyone!

We are so excited about the impending release of our Psychic Development Course.  Here is a quick peek at the topics it covers:

History of Meditation
How to Meditate
Meditation Techniques
Visualization Meditation Exercise
Meditation by Sol

Becoming Psychic

Healing Requests

If you would like to put yourself or others on our Healing Tree, put your request in in a comment on our Facebook Page. All we need is name and location. Bright Blessings and Namaste

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